Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh! So Pretty Giveaway hop!

Whether you call it getting dolled up, putting your face on, warpaint, or anything else, we all love it!  It being makeup and beauty products! 

How Was Your Day and Saved By Grace are co-hosting an awesome giveaway hop - “Oh! So pretty!"

The theme is beauty and we would like to invite all bloggers to join us!

This hop will run May 18-24th, 2012, and all prize packages will have a minimum value of $25!

By joining, you agree to the following:

1) Give us your link to your blog and CURRENT, often checked email address


2)Post a prize worth at LEAST $25 dollars sticking to the theme of "Oh! So Pretty!" (beauty + cosmetics type products) either sponsored or self-sponsored.

3) The html code will be emailed to you a couple days before the hop.  You are agreeing to have your post up and running by 12 noon, EST on May 18th.

4) Promote the hop

This hop is free to sign up for but you are REQUIRED to provide a prize worth at least $25 dollars to participate. 
We're not requiring you to post the button or a blog post, either.  But if you wanted to, we'd love ya forever!

Come join us!


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