Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy July 4th!

Saved By Grace would like to wish all of my readers a happy and SAFE 4th of July!

I want to make sure you have a safe Independence Day and I have included some tips!

  • When  outside for long periods of time, make sure to apply sunscreen, even if it looks a bit cloudy or overcast. You skin will thank you!

  • Stay hydrated! You don't want to end up with heat exhaustion on such a fun day. One way to make sure is to stay away from too much alcohol and soda. These are not hydrating and will actually dehydrate you. Stick with water or add a lemon or a splash of juice to your water to mix it up a bit. A good rule is to drink 8-9 cups of water/fluids if you will be out all day. You should rarely feel thirsty.

  • Be safe with fireworks! Follow all instructions and make sure to light them away from trees, buildings and dry areas. Light quickly and walk away. If one is a 'dud', leave it alone. Do not attempt to light a shortened fuse. Never light them in your hand.

  • Be careful with food at cookouts. Food safety still applies at the BBQ. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold and use clean utensils and cutting boards.

  • Be water smart. Never leave children unattended near water for even a moment. Do not rely on older children to watch the young ones.

With just a few precautions in place, your family can have a great holiday and avoid incidents that can be easily prevented.

Happy 4th of July!

picture via flickr by bayasaa

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hammock Pack- a new surprise awaits you each month!

Do you love surprises? I know I do, especially when its a gift!

Hammock Pack is a new monthly subscription service that features a theme and gifts of artisan products. These products include food, accessories, housewares, beauty and more!

I have to begin by saying that the customer service at Hammock Pack is excellent! I got my Hammock pack very quickly. It only took about four days. I was able to reach someone on twitter very easily as well with questions.

I got some wonderful products in my Hammock Pack. The June Theme was "Day at the Beach".

Let's take a peek inside, shall we?

Butter + Love Jam Cookies. These cookies came in two awesome flavors and I got two of each cookie. The flavors were Marrionberry Rosemary Sea Salt & Strawberry Balsamic Marjoram. I admit, I was a little leery of trying them because the savory flavors did not initially appeal to me. After one bite, I was persuaded that these were a little bite of heaven! Each cookie had a savory, buttery flavor and the sweetness of the jam inside complemented them perfectly. Butter + Love is located in Brooklyn, New York and they pride themselves on making inventive and quality baked goods. These cookies retail for $5.00.

Another great item I received was a head wrap made my Etsy shop owner Melissa from Grace and Lace Co. This handmade quality item is perfect for someone like me who tries to practice Christian head covering. I was struggling to find a wrap that would be light enough for the summer and this is perfect! I was very excited to see it in my Hammock Pack. I love that no two are the same and it fits comfortably. This wrap retails for $10.00.

I also was given Lollypops from This Charming Candy. I got the Fruit Basket set, which features four flavors; Guava Colada, Triple Berry, Watermelon Basil and Pineapple Heaven. I loved the quality! They were uniquely flavored and delicious. I can honestly say that I didn't much like the watermelon basil flavor. It tasted too strange for me. It had a funny aftertaste. This Charming Candy is located in the state of Washington, and they craft all thier goods in The Wandering Cafe. The Lollypops from This Charming Candy are dairy and gluten free. The Fruit Basket Set retails for $13.50.

To get myself smelling like a day at the beach, I was sent Sea Kelp Ginger Lime Coconut Milk Soap from Theme Fragrance. I loved the fresh, summery scent, but was honestly a tad disappointed in it's sud action. I like my soaps to sud up well, and this did not. Theme Fragrance also makes other products including oils, candles and Lip balms. I was a tad disappointed when I went to their site and could not find out about the soap as they must not sell it any longer or they are currently not featuring it on their site.

I love lip balm and my Hammock Pack came with some included. I was very pleased to receive Coconut Vanilla Lip Balm from DressGreen. DressGreen makes an array of products including body scrubs, shampoo bars, bath soap and perfume. The products are hand made and include high quality essential oils. The Coconut Vanilla Lip Balm glided on smooth and stayed on for quite a long time. The lip balm retails for $6.50.

My favorite product by far was a handmade soy candle in Hawaiian Breeze that I got from Motor City Creations. As you probably guessed, they are located in Michigan and all the ingredients used in their candles are 100% vegan. The scent was noticeable but not overpowering and the soy melted evenly. This candle retails for $4.00-$10.00. I was unsure what size my candle was since it did not say on the product.

I highly recommend Hammock Pack as a gift or even a one time mailing. Hammock Pack is only $25.00 a month and you clearly get more value than that in it. It was so fun to be surprised!

I have to mention, as well, that I loved the way my Hammock Pack was wrapped and packaged. I felt like I was being treated to a little bit of luxury! I really appreciated that the theme flowed well with the products included but also color coordinated well!

Garden growing!

I have been posting a lot about my garden since the start of spring and I wanted to update everyone on how it is coming along.

Of all the vegetables, the beans are taking off! They seemed to sprout overnight.

In the flower section, I am losing hope that they will ever grow. Seems like just a bunch of green.

I have several pots on my steps and they seem to be doing well. My cat will be happy when I hand over the catgrass to him.

Look at the pretty flowers! I just love the lavender! It smells divine.

And finally, our cilantro....

....and basil is sprouting!

I can't wait to harvest this fall! I am going to attempt canning for the first time!

Monday, July 2, 2012

H2O Hydrate!

Just about anyone has tried a drink that is meant to be a sports drink and replenish vital things your body needs, but I wanted to introduce my readers to a new product on the market; H20 Overdrive Hydrate!

What is different about this sports drink? First of all there is ZERO sugar. This is excellent for a diabetic like myself.

Second, it not only replaces electrolites, but also gives you energy!

There are also 30 vitamins and minerals in H20 Hydrate.

I got to try all three flavors.

~Lychee Lemon Rush

~Tangy Tangerine Freeze

~Jostaberry Grape Explosion

Truthfully, I didn't really like two of the flavors, but I really liked the Jostaberry Grape Explotion. I do think they made me feel more energized and ready to work out, though.

The reason I didn't like the other two flavors was because I think they both had a funny aftertaste.

I would however reccommend them as it could be just a personal prference in taste.

You can purchase H20 Overdrive Hydrate on the website' store!
Make sure you also keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter!

Delicious Tuna Melts!

I make this often for myself for a quick lunch. I can't ever just leave a traditiona recipe alone, so I jazz it up a bit ;) Enjoy!

Jazzy Tuna Melts

~can of tuna, drained

~Horseradish sauce (I used Kraft brand, but you could just use a bunch of packets of Arby's horsey Sauce. I won't tell) or mayo and horseradish mixed together to taste

~Onion powder

~Chilli Powder

~Seasoning Salt

~Mayonaise or miricle whip

~Sweethot mustard (I use Beaver Brand)

~pickles, sliced

~white cheese (I use Velvetta Slices in Queso Blanco)


~Butter spread

Simply mix all the ingredients (except for the cheese, bread, butter spread & pickles) together to taste.

Spread butter spread on two slices of bread. place one down in a flat pan and put about a 1/2 inch of tuna mix on bread. Top with cheese slice and pickles.

Cook on med heat and flip. It's done when each side is golden brown and cheese is melted!

Serve up with some more pickles!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

We have moved!

I am excited to announce the launch of our new site, with our own domain name! While we will still be here on Blogger, we will no longer be posting here, so make sure you come visit us at our new location. You are welcome to delete any bookmarks you had for us here, but please remember to bookmark our new page before you do! Without further ado, I bring you - Saved by Grace!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Welcome home Giveaway Event!!


The leading online moving supplies retailer, Get Moving Supplies, LLC want to say, "Welcome Home" with this amazing Welcome Home Event.

There is something about a home. It's a place we gather and create memories, we kick back and relax, we invite people in and we celebrate in our own way. Jane Austen once wrote, "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."

Get Moving Supplies, LLC proudly serves over 300 cities nationwide and is ready for your moving boxes needs! They are locally owned, so every time you choose them, you're supporting your local economy.

get moving supplies

Whether it is across town, across the country or just next door, the Get Moving Supplies, LLC website for your city is your first stop for high quality moving boxes and supplies. We offer free shipping and wholesale prices on our full line of inventory. Visit Get Moving Supplies, LLC to find a local dealer.

Get Moving Supplies is dusting off the welcome mat and wants to be the first to say,

"Welcome Home!"

hosted by:

Bea's Gift Baskets, Clipping Money and Mommy's Memorandum

It's a Giveaway of EPIC Fun!

Five Amazing Prizes

Five Lucky Winners

Check out what you could be coming home to:

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Grand Prize:

*Apple iPad with wi-fi bundle, folio case, dock, speakers, stylus and charge kit

First Prize:

*32" LCD TV

Second and Third Prize:

*(2) Benevenuta a Casa Baskets from Bea's Gift Baskets

Fourth Prize:

*$50 Walmart Gift Card

Sponsored by:

Get Moving Supplies, LLC

Enter below using the Rafflecopter Widget.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Get Moving Supplies, LLC. Saved By Grace is not responsible for Prize Fulfillment

Loving your pet Giveaway Hop!

loving your pet giveaway hop

If you love your pet this Giveaway hop is for you! Two Little Cavaliers your go to place for International Dog News, Pet Product Reviews, Pet Centric Giveaways, Cooking for Dogs, and the creator and co-host of the Saturday Pet Bloggers Blog Hop where pet bloggers and pet lovers come together to meet, greet, and hang out. Two Little Cavaliers has gotten together with some great bloggers to bring you an event that is completely Pet Centric that means every prize is for your pet or about about your pet!


Pet Bed w/Memory Foam

The Two Little Cavaliers Checking out the Bed

The best thing you can do for your pet is to provide a comfortable night’s sleep. This memory foam bolster pet bed is a great place for your pet to rest after a day in the yard running around or to cool off after a long walk! For cats its the perfect place to call their own. It has a solid memory foam base to provide maximum support and durability, a therapeutic memory foam layer to relieve discomfort in joints, and a high-loft comfort layer to offer insulation and a nesting environment. A protective, waterproof liner prevents moisture from harming the foam. Your pet is sure to be happy and comfortable sleeping on this bed. Available in 3 sizes and winner's choice small 35 inches, medium 42" and large dogs 48 inch. The bed in the picture above is the small size with 2 - 15 lbs dogs on it.

Make sure you go enter to win one of these beds on Two Little Cavaliers after you enter my giveaway!

Saved By Grace is giving away 2 prizes for this Hop, so 2 winners!!

I reviewed Newman's Own Organics new line of pet food and they are sponsoring a giftbox for Dogs and a Giftbox for Cats! Check out my review on them and see what my cat, Mac, thought :)

Please be sure to visit these other Bloggers who have put together amazing Pet Centric Giveaway as well!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Newman's Own Organics Pet Food Review

My cat, Mac, is not very picky when it comes to food, so I knew he would be open to trying this great organic pet food from Newman's Own Organics.

My cat only gets wet food as an occaional treat (because truthfully he is a fat cat!) so I knew he would be excited.

He must have been able to smell it right away because when I opened the box, he went to investigate.

I have to say I am extremely happy with this brand. You know the awful smell most wet pet foods (and even some dry) have? That smell makes me gag! I didn't get as an offensive smell when I opened the cans of cat food.

Mac really enjoyed them! He was very happy to eat the wet food, but even loved the dry food.

There are many varieties of the wet food.

~Turkey & Vegetable

~Chicken & Salmon

~Chicken & Brown rice

~Organic Beef


~Organic Beef & Liver

Now, I can't exactly say which one tasted the best, because no matter how much I love Newman's Own, I won't taste test cat food ;)

I can say that Mac enjoyed each kind, but seemed to really like the Chicken and Salmon. This doesn't surprise me. When I cook chicken at home, he is there at my feet, begging.

I am so happy to see some good quality pet food out there! I feel so good feeding my kitty good, organic food!

Make sure you come back on the 1st of July and enter to win a gift set for your cat and a gift set for your dog from Newman's Own Organics!

Come home to finer things!

Dream of coming home to the finer things? Tune in right here on Saved By Grace, for a giveaway you won't want to miss, the Welcome Home Event!

Sponsored by: Get Moving Supplies, LLC

It all starts at 12:01Am EST on July 1.

Five Amazing Prizes and Five Lucky Winners!

welcome home giveaway

The Welcome Home event gets bigger!
Join us on Monday, July 9 for the #WelcomeHome Twitter Party.
wii game system

We'll be giving away a Wii Nintendo Game System, Thirty One Gifts and a Bea's Gift Basket!

RSVP Using the Rafflecopter Widget Below:

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When: Monday, July 9
Who: You and your friends!
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Hashtag: #WelcomeHome
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*Winner must have RSVP-ed via Rafflecopter and be participating in the discussion to win. Open to all United States residents. One prize per winner. No purchase necessary.
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Hype Energy Drinks review!

Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up and many people reach for an energy drink.

A really great tasting one that I have found is Hype.

Hype is energy with Vitamins and no preservatives.

The flavors include Original flavor, Cranberry and Elderberry and Elite, Original flavor that is low calorie.

Hype also offers something unique in the energy drink market: an organic, taurine, coloring and preservative free variety!

I have to be honest, I LOVED the Hype Energy Organic the best. It has a great apple flavor and contains Tea and Aloe Vera and a boost of antioxidants.

I mostly just got to taste them because my husband drank them up so fast! He loved them a lot and he noticed a boost in his energy with no crash. His favorite was also the Hype Energy Organic flavor, but commented that even the Original flavor didn't taste like competitors-it was better!

I think the Hype shotglass was neat as well. You can mix your drink of choice with Hype and they don't mix until you kick back your shot.

You can find more info on Hype at

Be sure to follow them on their Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

Hype is available for purchase on the Hype website.

Friday, June 29, 2012

A day in the sun!

Montana has finally seen some sun! I don't know why, but every year when it finally comes, it takes me by surprise. If you are thinking of moving to Montana, understand that while we do have all four seasons, but Summer and Winter really drag on and Spring and Fall seem to not exist at all some years! In Montana, we like to say,"We have 2 seasons; Winter and Construction".

In any case, we had a scorcher the other day and a friend of mine, Jenna, and her kiddos hit the local park with water features to cool off!

The kids had a blast, but only after her little man, Brayden got over his fear of the water. Then he was all in it!

Jaeda, my 9 year old was looking "cool" in her shades.

Baby McKenna, Jenna's daughter had fun it the water as well. Her little suit was so cute!

I love that my city put these parks with the water features in a few years back. It sure beats the turtles that sprayed water when I was a kid!

My daughter is such a budding photographer! Take a look at the picture she snapped on myself and Jenna!

I hope you are having a lot of summer fun!

BH Cosmetics Smokey Eye Palette

BH Cosmetics has some really neat products! I was given the opportunity to check out their Smokey Eye Palette. It contains so many colors and combinations, I didn't know where to start! I had fun creating all kinds of looks!

What I most love about Bh Cosmetic's Smokey Eye Palette is how bold the colors are! These are not your low qualify eyeshadows that need to be caked on to get the deep color you desire. What is also great is it stays in place all day, doesn't flake off and I didn't get a crease line.

The collection has so many matte and shimmery colors to choose from to create a ton of beautiful looks. Kick your beauty routine into high gear with the BH Cosmetics Smokey Eye Palette!

BH Cosmetics features a huge assortment of makeup products. From eyeshadows to blush to lip gloss and brushes.

I found that the 28 color Smokey Eye Palette was a great value and I was seriously surprised by it's size! It is as large as my hand (and trust me when I say, I have some big hands!)

Take a peek at all the colors included:

I also love how the palette has some unique colors that are hard to find like red!

This is one eyeshadow palette you and your glam gals are sure to love! I know this eyeshadow addict did!

You can follow BH Cosmetics on twitter and Facebook to stay tuned to all their awesome deals on already low prices! Also, check out thier YouTube channel for awesome makeup tutorials!

And BH Cosmetics has offered to sponsor a giveaway for the Smokey Eye Palette for one lucky reader!

Just enter on the rafflecopter form below! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bundle Of Joy Blast Giveaway!

HTML Generator Sample Page

Welcome to the Bundle of Joy Blast Giveaway!

heartThis Giveaway event features Gifts for New Moms, expecting moms and babies! heart
>>>Saved By Grace is personally giving away a set of Making Babies Book and DVD. This retails for $110 dollars! Make sure you read my review on it! I am also giving away a $10 gift card to Old Navy!<<<

This event will have THREE WINNERS! The prize packages are HUGE and will include:

Prize Group 1:
Making Babies Book & DVD set (ARV $110) From Saved By Grace
$10 Plum District Code from Going Crazy!! Wanna Go?!?!
Baby Girl Grocery Cart Cover from This Girl's No Expert
Hand-made Receiving Blanket set from Jenny at Dapperhouse
$10 Old Navy Gift card From Saved By Grace

Prize Group 2:
Udder Covers Gift set from Mommy Knowz
Jc Toys Lots to Cuddle Baby Doll from Planet Weidknecht
God Loves You Baby Board Book from Planet Weidknecht
Mom's Promise Journal From Planet Weidknecht
$10 GC to Walmart from It's a Guy Thing

Prize Group 3:
Juppy Baby Walker from Two Girl$ and $ome Coupon$
$10 Gift Certificate from Freetail Therapy
$20 in Usborn Books from Mommies Point of View
TummyTie from Life's Write Now
Essential Baby Care Book from 

This Giveaway will run from June 29th til July 6th
In total we have over $300 in prizes!
More prizes MAY be added as it goes on! Some entries you can come back and do every day, so make sure you do to get maximum chances to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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