Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dandelions..Nature's pest or Nature's cure?

In the springtime, our yard becomes a yellow field of dandelions.  Most people spend a lot of money every year to rid themselves of these 'pests'.  We don't, but that is mostly because we live in an apartment and the lawn is our landlord's responsibility.

I had heard that dandelions may have some health benefits, so I looked into it.

According to, there are some wonderful health benefits to all parts of the dandelion. Who knew that what most of America sees as a pest could really be a miracle cure?

Dandelions contain all sorts of vitamins and minerals as well as important aids in digestion.

I was really amazed to learn that dandelions contain Inulin. Inulin is a substance that helps the body convert sugars. Inulin is awesome for diabetics like myself because it helps even blood sugar rises out. Who knew you could find this in dandelions?

Now, before you go picking the dandelions in your yard, make sure you have not used any pesticide on them. This can be poisonous to you as well!

If you haven't, it is as simple as plucking the leaves from the plant just before it blooms. You can eat them after, but they are more bitter.

Use them in a salad of just as you would spinach.

If you want to get really creative, I have heard you can turn the flowers into a wine.

Dandelion 023
photo via flickr by cygnus921

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