Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Razor Brush Review and Giveaway!

If you are like myself, you are always looking for a way to save money, especially on the expensive stuff.

Enter the Razor Brush!

The Razor Brush is a handy gadget that can really extend the life of your blades. My husband has to shave daily because his hair grows pretty quick and he says it helps him have a smoother shave.

He tells me that the Razor Brush is easy to use and incorporate into a daily grooming ritual.

The Razor Brush comes in sets that include a spray bottle, a razor brush and a matching tumbler. These come in two colors; Pink and Black. These sets sell for $12.99.

You can also purchase the set without the matching tumbler,($5.99) but I find that the tumbler is a great addition because it keeps my husband's shaving stuff all in one place neatly on the counter.

Why should you consider getting a razor brush?

A razor brush will extend the life of your razor. A dirty razor not only makes your razor dull, but dangerous because it can lead to cuts and infections.

The razor brush system extends the life of a blade by sanitizing, cleaning and lubricating it.

I have noticed since my husband started using it his blades have lasted longer.

As for myself, it solves the issue that always annoyed me when shaving my legs; having hair get trapped in my blade as I was using it! Just a swipe of the razor brush and I am back to beautifying!

Here is the Quick and EASY way the Razor Brush system works:

1. Tap your razor and remove excess water and hair.
2. Run the razor brush over the top to remove all hair, soap scum and moisture. It says on the back to place it on a flat surface, but I found it was easier to use in my hand.

3. Spray baby oil on the blade to sanitize, preserve and lubricate.

I love the Razor Brush! I think every person who shaves needs one of these nifty gadgets!

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Razor Brush was generous enough to offer my readers a chance to win a FREE black set with tumbler! That is a $12.99 value and all you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter below! Good luck!

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  1. I do not shave since my hairs are very thin and almost invisible, but I do have a story about shaving. My cousin was copying her father so she used her father's razor and tried shaving her upper lip....ended up w/cuts all over her face - emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

    1. Truth be told, I don't shave my legs very often. I actually have fine baby peach fuzz on my legs. Thanks for sharing your shaving story! :)

  2. Hi there I wanted to let you know that I have fixed the link and if you would like revisit and enter the Rockin Giveaway Blog Hop for a chance to Win.



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