Friday, May 18, 2012

Your Gung-Ho Life book review

I recently read the book, Your Gung-Ho! Life by Jacque Coffee. I was very pleasantly surprised by how wonderfully visually appealing the book is.

I love a book that is not only a good read, but is also engaging and fun to read because it is unique.

Jacque Coffee's book is exactly that!

The pages are lit up with fun patterns and side notes in a not-so-typical font. (Can you tell I get bored with Times new roman?!)

What I loved most about the book is it's content of course though. It is inspiring to see a Christian based book that gives it's readers permission to have a great pro-active life!

Your Gung Ho! Life takes the reader through steps to find encouragement to find meaning in their life and meet goals. Not only does it help you make and attain goals, but it helps you understand how God's goals for our life are often times different than our own earthly goals, but that he has so much better for us if we just allow ourselves to use our faith as a compass. The book helps Christians understand how to re-set their own personal navigation towards goals and find fulfillment in seeking out God's plans for us.

Do you have worries and doubts about your life? This book will help you turn those into activity that will enhance not only your life, but those around you and turn it into a positive thing. It will help you find your identity in God.

I recommend this book to any Christian that is suffering from a feeling of hitting a brick wall in their life with no direction, spiritually and emotionally. It will help you re-learn how to live your life with Gung Ho! direction

You can buy Your Gung Ho! Life from Amazon:

From Jacque Coffee's biography:

Jacque Coffee grew up outside the 'burbs of New York City somewhere around the time "Welcome Back Kotter" forever captured this best-in-the-U.S. season. In spite of her northern roots, Coffee survived successfully south of the Mason Dixon Line, though not without some adjustments and difficulty with the new language--like when "oil" sounds like "all."

For four decades Jacque coiled, that is, called North Carolina home, and raised a family, studied, taught, owned businesses, spoke to groups, mentored, coached, and created art. Most importantly her life was changed by a new relationship with God in Jesus Christ.

Currently, the Tampa area is home and the perfect climate in which to write her first book, a Christian inspiration/ God-help-us publication (as opposed to self-help book). An additional benefit to Florida living: a warm welcome back to her native tongue of New Yorker.

"Your Gung-Ho! Life: The ABCs of Proactive Living" proclaims today is the day to adjust your spiritual trajectory by finding out how gung-ho God is about you. Time is of the essence, and Proactive Living is how God wired you to live, so charge up. Right here. Right now.

Author and Speaker, Visual Artist and Coach, Jacque Coffee promotes this vital message in many mediums: "It's about YOUR Gung-Ho! Life. For the generation who's had it best of all: it's all or nothing, and it's now or never. My mission is to wake your life to the boldest brightest blend of God's supernatural life, poured into your talent, energy, gumption and grit--so you'll soar with the message you were created to carry."


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