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A few tips for Companies seeking bloggers

This post is a little out of my niche for Saved By Grace, but recently I have been getting random pitches from companies and I think it is important that companies know how to work with bloggers. Blog posts as an avenue to get your products out there are a fairly new and exciting way to generate what I like to call 'buzz', but there are several ways that work better than others when approaching bloggers.

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Now, I don't want to sound like I am an expert, this is just what I have observed in my time doing product reviews.

Please, for love love of Bob, greet me with my first name

My first name can be found on the sidebar in my "About Me" section. It is so important to me to be greeted as if I am a person, not a blob on the blogesphere. I often ignore pitches from companies that put things like "Dear Blogger", "Greetings Saved by Grace blog" and "Blogger,". It seems so impersonal and if you want to form a potential relationship with me to promote your products, please at least find out my name.

Seriously consider doing a giveaway for my readers

I know it is a bit more costly to consider doing an additional item for giveaway, but I can tell you it will be much more effective. My readers are more interested in reading about a product I am giving away than just what is essentially to them a sales pitch with nothing in it for them. Plus, think about it this way, if you give away a product, you might create a potential customer in the future because they already think favorably of your company. Also, please don't tell me you will send me a small sample for review, but offer some huge prize package for my readers. Blogging is my job, I take it very seriously and I deserve to be compensated fairly for taking the time to write up a review.

If you like my work on your review, please consider telling other companies

If I do a good job, please consider telling others about my work. I would LOVE to also have an ongoing relationship with a company as well and I am totally open to more projects with your company. Don't be afraid to keep me around.

Please, take the time to read a few posts on my blog

I would really love it if you would take a peek at my blog before deciding to pitch me. That way, you can see if my blog's readers and myself would really be interested in finding out about and reviewing your product. I like to try to stay in my niche, so make sure I am a good fit for you. It works out to your advantage as well. Think about it. If a blog's main readers are men for example, would it make sense for the blogger to post a review on a new line of makeup?

I really appreciate it if you treat me like a human being

I have developed some wonderful relationships with PR firms and people selling products simply because they went out of their way to add some character to their pitch. They talked to me about anything from current weather to my love of blogging. I have even spent hours on the phone getting to know the people behind the screen/email and it made me that much more excited about writing up their review post. I love to make connections with people. It is part of the reason I started blogging in the first place.

If you decide for what ever reason to not go ahead with a product review, please let me know

I have had companies that were eager in pitching me, we almost got to the post, I had sent them my address for the product to be shipped to and then silence. There is nothing more disappointing than having this happen. I totally understand if you changed your mind, or ran out of products available for review, but please just let me know. It means a lot and is highly professional to do.

If I write up a review for you, I would love it if you would promote it

I spend a great deal of time promoting my blog posts and reviews, but if you really want a ton of people to see it, lets work together. Promote my post on your social networks as well!

Bloggers, Could you weigh in on this and let others know what also makes a product review run smoothly for you?

I hope I have helped some PR firms and companies understand how to more effectively work with bloggers. We want to work with you! We really do! We just need some better communication, that's all!

If you are a PR firm or a company reading this and you would like to have a product review on my blog, feel free to contact me at

I promise I don't bite!


  1. Super job Christine! So true on all accounts. We do work very hard at this job or ours, and not really if you factor in how much time we take to write, review, promote.. we are getting paid peanuts so at least we deserve is respect. Loved the part about them sharing with other companies if they enjoyed our reviews! That would surely help me out.
    A Year of Jubilee Reviews

    1. So true! I actually blog full time. I spend all day (literally) networking, tweeting, posting on Facebook, reviewing, scheduling reviews etc. It IS my job.

  2. Absolutely true! I have disregarded emails many times because I felt the person was rude and disrespectful or felt like they tried to belittle me. i even had one company tell me my google rank had dropped so they wouldn't offer me even half of what they were going to from the begining. I felt horrible. I had great previous reviews, a great following, and had been very professional with them and because my rank dropped (and they never even asked why it may have dropped) they just dropped me. I just wish more companies would also give smaller bloggers an opportunity, many times we are just as good at this stuff as one that has been at it yet we are turned down because we don't have 10,000 followers. They never think about the fact of all the sites we promote on and how many times other bloggers also help us promote our own reviews. Never judge a book by it's cover!

    1. I am fairly new to blogging as well and it has been frustrating to say the least to get companies to see the value in newer blogs. What I find easiest, is to pitch companies on twitter, especially new and up and coming companies because they are so willing to get their name out there. Its a slow process to get going, for sure.

  3. I love it! You said it so well. If I could add one thing... I wish companies would ship prizes to the giveaway winners in a timely manner. I have had a few lately that are taking forever to ship to my winners. I have also been waiting a long time for some wins of my own. They are getting a ton of advertising, the least they could do is ship within a week or so. I hope your post brings attention to the companies who contact us "bloggers with no names" & gets the point across. Thank you for this.
    Rita @ Rockin Rebel Deals

  4. Great post, Christine. Can you believe I have been getting pitched for baby products? What part of The Kids are Grown, Now What? says I have a baby?!

  5. I am so glad that it's not just me that after getting ready to review a product by providing my mailing address, there is sometimes silence from the other end. Now I won't take it personally. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great post Chrissie!

    I put a lot of work in to my reviews as well and it really means a lot to me to receive a thank you from the company as well! A public comment on my posts and/or a tweet or social media share really means a lot!

    I think it is very short-sighted when companies set very rigid guidelines for who they will/won't accept (for instance, MUST be on a certain social network while ignoring all other mitigating factors). There are SO many factors that should be considered (and are often overlooked). For instance, a blog with lots of reader engagement - as evidenced by comments - is better than one without (regardless of the numbers - what good are the numbers if no one is reading?)

    I invite you to share this post with my readers at Inspire Me Monday, my weekly creative blog hop at:

    Create With Joy



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