Saturday, May 19, 2012

Can't wait to go out of town

I am so excited! Tomorrow, my husband and I are taking a road trip across the state. He is going for work training and I am going with him to visit with some friends I have not seen in ages!

I very rarely leave town for a couple reasons:

a) We are low on the fund-age

b) I have a tad bit of agoraphobia (which is why blogging is so great for me!)

I am a little anxious about leaving, but to calm my nerves, I thought I would write a post offering my personal checklist of what to take on a road trip.

Ready? Here we go!

For the trunk of the car:

Jugs of water
Extra oil and anti-freeze/coolant
batteries for flashlight
jumper cables
lug wrench and spare tire kit
extra blankets
Basic first aid kit

I think all of these are essential for traveling a good distance from home. These will help cover any minor car emergencies.

Now, you probably know that I love to save money, so here are some tips to save money on the road:

Instead of stopping at gas stations along the way for drinks and snacks, consider bringing a small cooler. You can put water, soda etc in it and your drinks are covered.

Pack a bag or your cooler with small individual portions of snacks that can be easily eaten in the car like fruit, carrot sticks, chips, sandwiches etc.

Freeze water bottles to use for ice. As it melts,you have the added bonus of a drink without taking up more room in the cooler.

Fill your gas tank up at a gas station away from the freeway. Prices at gas station near the freeway are often a bit more expensive, especially during tourist season. Use to check fuel prices in the area for the cheapest location.

Plan for free or cheap roadside attractions so you can have fun without going over your budget.

To save gas, try to stay around 60-65 MPH. This has been shown to save the most in gas than going faster.

Before you leave, check the air pressure in your tires. If they are low, fill them to the ideal weight per manufacture instructions. This actually helps you get better gas mileage

Fear not, readers, I will return on Thursday and I am sure to have plenty to blog about! Make sure you enter the Oh! So Pretty giveaway while I am gone :)

Road Trip(flower child)

photo via flickr by mRio

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  1. Thanks for the tips, I'm defiantly going to use some of them for when we go out of town in a few months!!!



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