Friday, April 13, 2012

"Empty Promises"

I read the book, Empty Promises, by Pete Wilson

Pete Wilson is a pastor who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. This is his second book. I have not had a chance to read his first book, "Plan B".

"Empty Promises" is about how we create idols in our own lives and how we fail to ever meet what these idols promise. It is also about how we can stop centering our lives around these idols and instead focus on the ONE who deserves our worship, God alone.

The book is an easy to understand, frank discussion on looking for ways to expose our heart and the truth about the human condition. The first commandment says, Thou shalt not have any other Gods before me, but we often find ourselves convinced that if we were only a little more beautiful/handsome, a little richer, more successful, had a better home ect we would be "truly happy" and thus we create these things as idols in our life, often without even realizing it.

This book really opened my eyes to what I was doing in my own life. It made me realize that if I spent half the time focusing on God's will for me than I do I these empty promises, I would find the true happiness I am looking for.

I love Pete Wilson's style of writing. He is open, frank and loving. This is an excellent book for new and more seasoned Christians alike.

From the moment I picked up this book I knew I was in for a ride. I got into it right away and started examining my own idols. I really could relate to what he was saying about having the perfect home. I am a stay at home wife/mom and I often feel like I really fall short on that because I try so hard to be submissive and the kind of wife God wants me to be and I am so overly critical about things that do not even matter to God. It made me realize what matters to God is my willingness to do his will and my time I spend asking for his guidance as well as my using my gifts to do his will are far more important to Him than how perfect my home looks and how dust free it is.

I think just about any Christian, at any point in their relationship, could get something wonderful from this book. There is always room for improvement.

"Empty Promises" was released in 2012 and is available online at and and many bookstores.

I was given this book free to write a review. The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or advanced reading copy through BookSneeze®. Although I was given this copy for free, the opinions and experiences expressed on the book are my own.

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