Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dress Up Time!

I was given the opportunity to try a costume from a wonderful online costume retailer, Wholesale Costume Club.

I fell in love with the infant costumes and asked my friend, Jenna, if I could "borrow" her baby girl, McKenna, 14 months.

We both loved the Ladybug infant costume and eagerly awaited to have it in person.

I was very impressed by the quick shipping and many affordable costumes on the website. There are so many costumes to choose from for every holiday or just dress up. This in NOT just a place to check out at Halloween.

When I got the costume, I excitedly called my fellow Momma friend, Jenna and she brought over the baby. She was excited to put it on her and we were both impressed with how high quality the costume was. It was not a cheaply made costume made of mostly plastic and was well put together. I loved the taffeta/lace on the bottom of the ladybug costume and how it made the dress puff out. It looked like a boutique style dress!

The great part was the wings were detachable so this could easily turn from a costume into a boutique outfit for pictures. The detachable wings made it easy for an infant to wear because if baby was bothered by the wings, momma could easily detach them, although McKenna didn't seem to mind. She was all smiles! Great for transport in a baby car seat to a fun outing as well.

Baby ladybug:

The costume came with the dress and detachable wings. Jenna added a hair clip and black leggings. It was simple to put on baby and simple to adjust for weather. Jenna and I talked about adding a black turtleneck for the fall for trick or treating. The costume came in a one size fits all in ages size newborn to 24 months.

Uh oh! This ladybug is outta here! Isn't she adorable?

You can find all sorts of costumes at Wholesale Costume Club. From infants to toddlers to kids, tweens, teens and adults. There are even men's and women's plus size costumes available. Dress up the whole family!

Please browse Wholesale Costume Club to check out their awesome selection for the whole family or look through their adorable infant and toddler costumes to find one for your little one ! There are plenty of great costumes for your next theme party, school play or dress up time!


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