Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thank God for his answered prayers!

This week I was pretty blessed.

I had been praying to God to give us a means to get a bed for my husband and I. Our bed is simply a mattress on the floor that is old, hard and unfortunately, I discovered a mold section underneath it as well, recently. My husband also has terrible asthma and our old mattress is not a good fit for it.

God says to "Pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and I have spent many times in prayer about this issue.

God led me to a website that helps people with just thins thing. It is called Sleep 4 All and a regional mattress retailer runs it. The idea is for people to donate their gently used mattresses for the program. The mattresses need to be clean, in good repair and in good shape. The Sleep 4 All program then takes them and cleans and refurbishes them and gives them to family's that need help. They have donated to children's shelters and those with medical needs.

I signed up a couple months ago, thinking I would give it a shot and see if I could receive some assistance. Well, a couple days ago, I got a call from them and they told me we were picked to get a mattress and box-springs. I cried tears of joy right there on the phone. It was like God's loving hand reached out and held me.

I can't even tell you what this means to us. We are truly feeling blessed.

If you know anyone in the Washington (state), Montana or Idaho area that needs help like this or would like to donate, please see Sleep City's website for more info and click on "Sleep 4 All".

Wilbur the cat (sleeping)
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Here's to a good night sleep coming my way! Thank you God!



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