Sunday, June 3, 2012

On my way to organization!

I started reading a great book on organization. (I will write the review later when I have completed the full 30 day challenge! I am about half way through!)

It has inspired me to clean up and purge my junk and get a more positive flow in my home.

Living in an apartment that is pretty small forces a person to be creative about storage of their things. Shamefully, my old way of doing it was shoving things wherever I could. I wouldn't say I am a hoarder by any means, but I do have a hard time getting rid of things that may be of use later. Living apartment style doesn't really allow that and it has come time for me to face that.

We have, no joke, 2 adults and a part time 9 year old living in our one bedroom space. It gets pretty filled up with all kinds of things pretty easily.

I started in my kitchen. My cupboards were a hot mess. I wish I had thought to take photos before because they are drastically different now. I had no idea I had dry goods that had expired 2 years ago in there!

I am still kind of working on the kitchen, but one huge mess we tackled was my daughter's art supplies and toys. We used to have a small side table packed full of papers, books, and art supplies. We purchased a cheap shelf at the Goodwill for 6 dollars and purged a bunch of her stuff. It looks wonderful now!

Since I do so many product reviews, our table was full of them. Products just staring at me asking me to review them and get them put away. I used to have a small basket filled with them, but stuff was overflowing. Instead, I cleaned out the cedar chest we used to use as our coffee table and stored my winter shoes/boots in it and took the tiny bin we had for shoes and used it for my review items. What is nice, is, my small basket fits right on top. I store later reviews in the bin and more pressing reviews in the top. It makes almost a two section storage.

Aren't you excited to have me review these products? I assure you this is just a handful of what I have to review! I didn't want to reveal too much :)

I am looking forward to getting the whole house done. This feels great to finally be free from clutter!


  1. I was on a mission too which fizzled out after we moved everyone's bedroom. Well, I'm doing better with keeping up after my room. That was where everything got tossed that didn't have a home when company came over. I can't do that anymore because now our bedroom leads out to the porch so if anyone wants to go outside they have to go through our bedroom and I don't want that looking like trash. So I have been keeping on top of it more. My husband is a bit fanatical about dates on things in the pantry so if he finds something he'll toss it. That doesn't mean we don't end up with a few out of date things, but it doesn't get too too bad. Needs better organizing though. My hurdle is getting everyone to follow my organization system. I can put one in place, but yet no one seems to follow it. By the way I too am reviewing that coconut oil ;). As a matter of fact it is being used in my dinner which is cooking as I type this. It's smelling a little tropical BBQ in my kitchen right now ;).

    1. I was thinking of using the coconut oil to brown a roast in. I was then going to shred it and saute it in the oil again with some seasonings :) I have never cooked with coconut oil, so I am a bit unsure what to use it for, but I think it smells wonderful! Good luck on your organizing!

  2. I've been cleaning out and re-cleaning out for some time!
    I find throwing out ALL items which aren't used (or selling them!) to be key.
    Pick a container and keep only what fits in it!! Keep like things together (seems like common sense, but any unorganized person has random piles hidden some where!)



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