Friday, June 29, 2012

A day in the sun!

Montana has finally seen some sun! I don't know why, but every year when it finally comes, it takes me by surprise. If you are thinking of moving to Montana, understand that while we do have all four seasons, but Summer and Winter really drag on and Spring and Fall seem to not exist at all some years! In Montana, we like to say,"We have 2 seasons; Winter and Construction".

In any case, we had a scorcher the other day and a friend of mine, Jenna, and her kiddos hit the local park with water features to cool off!

The kids had a blast, but only after her little man, Brayden got over his fear of the water. Then he was all in it!

Jaeda, my 9 year old was looking "cool" in her shades.

Baby McKenna, Jenna's daughter had fun it the water as well. Her little suit was so cute!

I love that my city put these parks with the water features in a few years back. It sure beats the turtles that sprayed water when I was a kid!

My daughter is such a budding photographer! Take a look at the picture she snapped on myself and Jenna!

I hope you are having a lot of summer fun!

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