Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Is this a joke?

Yesterday, my husband and I went to the laundry mat for our weekly, much hated chore. We go to the same place every time because generally, it is not busy or crowded and the price is just right.

As we were loading our laundry into the washers, Spencer (my husband) left to go get rolls of quarters at the gas station that is joined to the laundry mat. We had been grouching at each other all weekend and I could tell this was building up to a fight. There was only one other person there, a man around my age on the other side of the room, folding his clothing.

Almost as soon as Spencer left, this other man farted very loudly. I, being slightly in need of a laugh and slightly immature, giggled inside. He did not say, "Excuse me" either which for some reason made it more funny. I just figured it sneaked out and he was embarrassed enough, so I let it go. Then, like a minuet later, he did it again. This time it was even louder. I was a bit shocked when he didn't excuse himself again at that point. I thought, "Maybe I will tell Spencer about this when we are alone if he even believes me so he can giggle too since he is so grumpy." (I want to add that I am not laughing at the man. He might have some intestinal issues and that is totally fine. I am laughing because, well, frankly, I needed a laugh and because not only did he fart, but he wasn't even polite enough to excuse himself. Not something you encounter every day)

Spencer returns from the gas station with the rolls of quarters in hand and continues helping me load up the washers. This man farts again, TWICE and we both look at each other like, "Did you hear that too?!" and we try so hard to hold back giggles. Again, the man does not apologize for letting it rip. Who does that?

Now, I am not sure if he knew he was not alone, but sorry, I found this so bizarre, I had to laugh. Not at the man, not while we were in the room, but we both exploded into laughter when we got into the car to go run an errand between washing and drying time.

I know what you are thinking. Yes, we are both in our thirties and yes it is immature to laugh at farts. All I have to say is, I am so glad for that laughter at the little immature things. It was just what we both needed to get past our grumpiness. We moved on with the day in a way better mood.

I will never think of that laundry mat the same.

laundry basket

Picture from flickr by Joelk75


  1. Thats funny !! I wouldnt have been able to hold back the laughter though after the 2nd one !!!
    Thanks for sharing, Jess ;-)


  2. I don't know how you kept from laughing hysterically right there in the laundromat!! Seriously, my husband and I are closer to 40 than we are to 30 and we are always laughing at "intestinal issues" haha! Of course, we do have a 4 year old boy, but he learned to laugh from somewhere... Don't you just love life sometimes?!! Thanks for making me giggle today!

  3. HAHA that is awesome :O) sometimes it is the little things in life that help us through the rough times.

  4. Sorry I am 36 and still giggle like a school girl when someone rips one in public. I especially love the older ladies with the walking farts. I feel like directing them to the toilet paper aisle! lol



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