Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"I cannot tell a lie"

I have a 9 year old daughter, Jaeda. Boy have we had a struggle with her about lying. I think all kids go through that phase and what a frustrating one it is!

I love books as parenting tools because my daughter loves to read. "I cannot tell a lie!" is a book that teaches kids in a fun way why lying is sinful and why it hurts those we love, and God.

While the book is targeted at 4-8 year olds, my 9 year old daughter loved it. She said the "pictures were great" and Liked the message. It opened up a dialogue between us why lying is not good.

What is really great about the book is it comes with instructions to download the book in audio version so you can take it on the go!

The book has biblical reference on lying. This truly is a wonderful book for Christian parents looking for a teaching tool for their young ones going through the lying phase.

"I cannot tell a lie!" was written by Ruth Thompson. Ruth is a speaker and a Pastor. She has two grown children.

Ruth Thompson has been generous enough to offer my readers a chance to win a copy of the book for their little ones!

Just enter on the rafflecopter form below!

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  1. Biggest parenting challenge? Raising a child!!!

    No, really, so far the challenges have been limited, so I would say potty training is hard. We've been through constipation, lying, getting sick...all of it...but we're almost on the other side, yippee!!

  2. Biggest parenting challenge would have to be coping with the stress that having a child with disabilities can bring. Love our family and wouldn't change it for the world but it can get stressful and I pray for the patientce I need to make everday what my kids deserve.



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