Friday, March 23, 2012

Silly Lips Product Review

I am so excited to review this product as lip balm is a huge need if you are in Montana.

Silly lips is a product that is VERY fun. The tins are cute and appeal to a wide array of people. I really like pin-up girls so I was excited to see them featured on the box and the tin and each box and character has a story with them :)

A little about the company:

*Silly Lips was founded 6 years ago by Leila Larson in her kitchen. She formulated recipes to end up with the perfect combination

*The company features 3 different flavors/scents. Peach Coconut, Vanilla Mint and Sugared Strawberry, each with its own name and character story. The balms were named after Leila's 3 friends Tracy, Beckah and Katie.

* The lip balms add shine and moisture and can be worn under or with your favorite lipstick.

They retail for $12.50 each tin (40 OZ-these are large sizes!)

At Silly Brand, they are all about having fun and want everyone to have fun, too!

So onto the review:

Bangin' Beckah (Hint of Sugared Strawberry)

"Bangin' Beckah is always having Fun..her beauty and radiant energy always draws a crowd wherever she goes. Dancing is her middle name and music is her life. Get ready to rock the night away with bangin' beckah!"

40 Oz

$12.50 each

Kinky Katie (Hint of Vanilla Mint)

"Kinky Katie is the ultimate temptress...she's quirky, outspoken and plays by her own rules. Her stunning looks and captivating charm is an irrisitable combination. Be prepared to surprise yourself with Kinky Katie!"

40 Oz

$12.50 each

Tasty Tracy (Hint of Coconut Peach)

"Tasty Tracy is a true exotic beauty. Her love of the beach matches her funny disposition and free spirit. She may be laid back, but she is full of life. Make sure you are ready for some fun in the sun with Tasty Tracy!"

40 Oz

$12.50 each

I tried all three lip balms and the Tasty Tracy was my favorite. The flavor was the best and strongest, I prefer my flavors strong. I really liked how smooth the formula was when it went on. I also think the size of the tins is well worth the price. A great value!

I should also mention:

*All lip balms are made with natural ingredients
*No animal testing!
*Made in the USA
*Original formula created by the owner of the company, Leila.

You can purchase Silly Lips @ EXCLUSIVELY!
and as a reminder ," sweeteners are added to our lip balms, so don't lick away the benefits!"

Please see my giveaway HERE as well, where you will have a chance to win a flavor of your choice! Thanks for reading!



  1. I love them already!!! Great review.

  2. I love that they are made with natural ingredients. All look great. Sweet review :).

  3. I'd like to try sugared strawberry.
    That sounds wonderful!



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