Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Will spring ever get here?

I live in Montana, so often times, it seems like spring will never get here! I really am looking forward to it, though because I am ready to start my gardening. I have a lot of weeding to do to get there, but the ground is still too solid to start.

My husband and I have decided to plant flowers on one side and veggie/herbs on the other. I wish we had a bigger garden area, but living downtown in an apartment doesn't give you many options.

We have gotten these flowers to start:

And want to do a couple different types of beans and peas:

As well as some more veggies:

And I am super excited to see how these multicolored carrots turn out :) We are also gonna attempt a sunflower :)

I will keep my blog updated when we can finally break ground and start planting :)

Happy gardening and enjoy spring! I know I will when it finally shows up here!



  1. Chrissie, I just bought some of the very same brand today. Spring DID get here, a little early for us. It was in the high 70's today! I couldn't help but buy seeds and dirt.

  2. I have never used that brand before, but I figured at the price they were, if they didn't work out, lesson learned, cheap price, not much of a loss. Good to hear spring is SOMEWHERE! I sometimes start to feel like it will never come here.



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