Monday, June 25, 2012

Wrapping it all up!

If you read my previous post on Friday, you will see that I was participating in a Blogathon Bash!

Biannual Blogathon Bash

I made goals for the weekend and was required to put in at least 24 hours (in total, not straight!) of time into my blog. Boy did I ever! After adding up my hours for my weekend, I pulled an amazing 42.5 hours! I plan on being up at least another hour and a half, so I should be able to reach 44 hours! *TAKES BREATHER*

What did I do you may ask?

Well, Here is what my goals were at the beginning:

1. I will get caught up on my backlog of reviews
 (I did an amazing 6 reviews in just one weekend!)

2. I will clean out my email and make it flow better so I can be more effective at blogging
(done and done! I added contacts to my contact list, deleted old emails, narrowed down what was really important and organized into files! )

3. I will organize my review items so they are in one neat place, not scattered around my house. (I did this as well! Check it out: 

4. I will organize my desk area (did! Check out the before and after!: You can't really tell much, but trust me, it is a TON better than the pigsty it was. I am embarrassed it looked that way. No wonder I never got much work done!)

5. I will brainstorm ideas to write posts on
(Did this as well. I even created a notebook to put them in so whenever I have a writer's block, I can go back to it!)

6. I will participate in many of the mini-challenges that are set up for the event.
(Can you believe I did 17/21 of them?!)

7. I will write at least 5 non-review related posts and schedule them.
(I actually did 6!)

8. I will create a list of winners and reviews/giveaways for my blog so my readers can find them in one easy spot
(Did not get to this yet, but that is what I am about to do!)

I also did some extra stuff that was not on my goal list:

~Made a pitch post for finding a sponsor for Bloggy Con. I figured out what I could offer sponsors and made 4 different tiers. I also pitched all the companies I had worked with.

~Worked a bit on my media kit page by adding a privacy policy

~Cleaned up a couple posts

~Pitched some more companies

~Researched some on topics to write about

All in All, I think I got a TON done and I am very proud of myself! I learned so much and I am so happy I got to participate in this! I recommend any blogger-new or seasoned participate in Blogathon Bash!


  1. I see the #universal box and our #Starbucks coffee in your review pile : ) @ofcenvironments

  2. Wow you did AMAZING! I'm in awe, really. Did you even get any sleep? LOL.

    1. I didn't sleep a lot, but then again, this was not a weekend for my family. My husband has been pulling the late shifts so I just was staying on his schedule. (he would get to bed at 3-4 am lol) I also managed to fit in an after noon with a friend and we took our kids to the local park and did lunch :)



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