Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stress Free Discipline

As the Mother of a 9 year old girl, I have been through many stages of discipline, and I know I have more to come with the teen and pre-teen years on the horizon. I may have made some mistakes and I have rocked it in other areas. As they say, "..they (kids) don't come with a manual"

I don't necessarily think that is all true. I believe they do-the Bible.

There is an amazing discipline book that takes Biblical principles and applies it to modern discipline and it is "Stress Free Discipline" by Judith DeSelm Bonner.

I like how the book teaches a parent basics in discipline by the age and also how to figure out our child's personality and apply your techniques to that.

I also love the charts that you can copy in the back of the book to help your children master self discipline and control.

The book specifically talks about the strong willed person and how it can be a positive to have a strong willed child if you apply the right techniques in discipline.

I loved how this book talks bout the Biblical principles of discipline, including the controversial spanking.

While there were a couple things in the book I personally do not agree with, they were nothing major, and didn't make me want to stop reading or following along. In fact, they made me consider my reasons behind disagreeing and come to God in prayer.

Stress free Discipline is an all encompassing parenting book that not only focuses on discipline, but helping a parent to raise a responsible, teamwork minded person.

I recommend any Christian mom or dad pick up a copy.

You can purchase Stress Free Discipline on Amazon.

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