Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some of the best websites for kids

I often look for great websites for kids online. I decided to compile a list and make it available to my wonderful readers!

If you are looking for a search engine that is kid friendly and safe, try KidRex.org
It is safe because it utilizes Google's safe search feature. It is really fun looking. It looks like a kid drew the page in crayon!

If you have a school aged kiddo who struggles with multiplication, try multiplication.com
You will find fun games that help your kiddo learn the tables.

If you have a younger kiddo, let them play educational games and watch videos on PBSkids.org

is chock full of fun activities to do with your kids, games, SAFE chat for kids and educational resources!

Looking for some fun educational games on an easy to use website? You gotta check out funbrain then! Not only are there games, but there are also books and comics!

Now that school is out, don't let them lose all they learned! Introduce your kids to these fun and often educational (shhh!) sites!

Innocent girl on laptop
picture via flickr by PictureYouth

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