Friday, June 1, 2012

Music Angel review!

Can I just say so far we have used this little gizmo more than probably anything else I have reviewed? Introducing the Music Angel!

Music Angel is a little speaker that is practically pocket size that you can use as what I like to call, a "mini stereo". (I would have put boombox here, but would anyone remember what that is, plus, it would really show my age!)

These little speakers are so much more than they look. At first look, it looks like the sound quality might be a disappointment. This is NOT true! I was super impressed. Even when you have it on the loudest setting (which by the way is very loud!) the sound quality stays the same and does not distort! You get awesome sound out of the Music Angel! In fact, I had it on one day in my house and my neighbor came over and asked me where my stereo was as soon as he walked in the door. He was amazed to see this little cube when I showed it to him. He could not believe the sound coming from it. And no, he did not come over to complain about noise, he came over to borrow a screwdriver of my husband's. :)

All the guys at my husband's place of employment want one now as well because he takes (rather, steals it from me lol) it to work with him.

The music angel is by far the best of it's kind on the market. The ShockWave, a touch screen version, is not only a speaker, but a radio. You can tune in to local radio stations (better than in my car I might add!) and it will set them so you don't have to hear fuzz, just clear,crisp radio stations.

You can also use the Music angel and the ShockWave with your Ipod, phone, computer-anything that you want sound to come from that has a jack.

What's more, you can even put a memory card into it and take hundreds or thousands of songs with you on the go. No set up required, just plug in the card and it starts playing!

SimulTALK, the company that sells the Music Angel also has a similar product to the Music Angel called the ShockWave. It offers all the same features as the Music Angel, but it has a display and offer touch screen technology!

The Music Angel comes in several vibrant colors including Pink, Blue, Green, Silver and Black.

The Shockwave is sold in six great colors including Pink, Blue, Gun Metal Grey, Silver, Green and Black.

I tried both products and they are amazing!

What's great about both products is they are easy to charge. The speaker systems each come with a charging/connecting cable.

On the website, it says it lasts about 2 hours with continuous play on a full charge, but I found that just to play the radio on the touch screen ShockWave, I got about 3 to 4 hours of play!

The Music Angel for SimulTALK is priced at a very reasonable $25.00 and the Shockwave touch speaker is $30.00
I must say, they are BOTH worth every penny!

By the way, customer service at SimulTALK is outstanding! It was a pleasure to work with Robert at SimulTALK.



  1. Wow, your post has me bouncing in my seat. This would be awesome to have since we do not have a speaker system at home and just the other day we were playing Diablo 3 and we were saying we wished we had somewhere to play our music while we were both using our two computers! I would love to have one of these.

  2. I would so love this. I love having my ipod plugged into our sound system in the living room, but if I want to listen to it anywhere else I have to wear headphones. I love how small and portable this is. I could even listen to my ipod in the car with it. Love!

    1. Melanie, the speaker really does have great sound and I just charge it and toss it in my purse with my IPOD. It is so convenient!

  3. When ever I see a speaker like that, it always makes me wonder how nice the quality is. I mean, I have been let down before!!

    I am so happy to hear an honest review of one. One at that price and of that quality is a steal!! My hubby would love one this holiday!

  4. Tammy Owens/BotzonJune 2, 2012 at 11:44 AM

    I would love to try this out! It is impossible to find little speakers that can be turned up loud and not get distortion. Thanks for the review!

  5. Barbara Banfield
    Love your site. Organized and informative. The speakers sound like just the ticket. Sure would like one. Asking God to bless you in all ways so you can help the people in LA.

  6. love that you can use the memory card & have so many of your favorite songs

  7. It is SO cute!! It's always nice when something so tiny works so wonderfully! I'm glad that they're rechargeable too :)
    Great review!

  8. I love how small and portable this is. Would be great for our ipod or since it says you can put in a memory stick, I can do that so I don't worry about the Ipod getting messed up/stolen if we go to the beach!

  9. Betsy Barnes

    I really need this, would be nice for my Ipod :)

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