Sunday, June 17, 2012

Frugal living tip! Don't toss out those socks!

We all have 'em in our house: Socks with no matches, Socks with holes and Socks that you just can't get the stains out of.

Don't throw them out!

These socks have many uses around our house.

~Put one over your hand and use it as a duster. Just glide along the areas you need to dust.

~Use them as a rag. If you have lots, they can almost be throw away if you have to clean something extra messy.

~Fill one with dry rice and tie off the end. Pop it in the microwave for as few minutes and you have yourself a wonderful heating pad for aches and pains.

~ Create a toy for you cat. Place a couple tablespoons catnip in a sock (kid's socks work best) and tie off the end. Watch your cat toss, nibble on and roll around with it!

~If you have little ones, they work great as bath mitts

~Make yourself a sock scrubby: Put a bar of your favorite soap inside and tie it off. To lather, just wet, rub and scrub!

Got any more uses for a sock?

happy socks
photo via flickr by dotty finlow

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