Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekly Featured Blogger!-Kangaroo Mama

This week's featured blogger is my buddy Kathy from Kangaroo Mama!

1) Why did you start blogging?
I actually always wanted to start a blog but had a million excuses, I mean reasons, why it didn't happen: No time, no ideas for a good blog name, too busy with work, friends, husband, going out, didn't know where to start, etc. In the past, I wanted a blog to share about products, services, and places that I enjoy since I was doing that anyways with friends and family, however, it just wasn't enough motivation for me to start one.  
Fast forward a couple years, with child (daughter that we nickname Kiggster) and heading back to work 3 months after her birth...I was depressed, having separation anxiety, and needing something to help me feel bonded to my daughter and husband while I was away at work.  So to take away some of the stress of being back at work, I would blog so that I could think about my family while I was pumping milk at work.  So in a way, this blog serves as an e-journal of Kiggster's milestones.  Then once I had a handle on blogging, I added product and service reviews so that I could share about the things that we use and love plus also talk about tips and resources that helped us on things along the way (ie. helpful resources for nursing, etc).

2) How did you come up with the name for your blog?
Would you like the short answer or the long answer?!  For the long answer as to why I'm called Kangaroo Mama, you can read my posting here:
But for the short answer, it was because my daughter, Kiggster, when she was born, she constantly wanted to be carried so I would sling her around everywhere!  We did everything together in that sling, cook, eat, take walks, play piano, sometimes I even had her in a sling when I went to sleep...sitting up!  So when I started the blog, that was the name that popped up in my head!

3) What is your blog about?
My blog is about my life, whether as a struggling working mom, a domestically-challenged wife, an amateur crafter, wanna-be photographer, and much more.  "Companionship for all of life's journeys," that's what my blog is all about!  I blog about the things that are relevant to my life at the moment and I try to also keep it real about the things that I struggle with so that if there is someone struggling out there to keep things sane in their life, they know they're not alone!  

4) What is one thing in your life you are most proud of?
My family!  I am so grateful to have such an amazing, patient, serving, and loving husband in my life that constantly watches out for our family and leads us in a Godly direction.  I am more than blessed to have my little miracle, Kiggster, who is growing and changing daily and a reminder to me how great God is! 

5) What do you like to do to relax?
Relax, what's that?!  Just Kidding!  I like to snuggle with my family on the couch together and do nothing!  Doing nothing is pretty relaxing to me!  Or sitting and having story/music/game/dance time or just having fun together as a family!

6) Tell me about your favorite food.
I love anything with coconut milk in it and so since Thai food utilizes the most coconut milk, I love that the most!  Although, if anyone knows of any other food that has yummy coconut milk dishes or has a favorite dish that uses lots of coconut milk (appetizer, dessert, entree or drink), please send it my way, because I would love to try it!

7) What are you looking forward to?
This is bad but right now, I'm looking forward to one day being able to stay home with my daughter and teach her the ways of the force (oh my husband's Star Wars addiction is rubbing off on me)!  But since that might be a ways off in the future, what I look forward to each day is coming home and spending time with my family every evening.  

8) How would your friends describe your personality? 
Oh, this is hard, I need to phone a friend!  I think they would say I love a good party, whether it's throwing, attending, or staying late at one.  They'd say I was a night owl, borderline insomniac.  I crave time with friends-my love language is quality time.  Gifts are nice, saying nice things to and about me don't hurt, serving me is appreciated but what I need more than those things is spending quality bonding time together!  I am happy for and sympathize with my friends through their victories and challenges in their lives.  I love a good laugh and it usually doesn't take much to make me laugh...then the problem is making me stop because I can laugh until tears start welling up!  Go ahead, make me laugh!



You can find Kathy on her facebook fanpage, follow her on twitter and check all all she is diggin' on pinterest as well! I am sure she would love it if you did!


  1. What an awesome interview! Kathy is awesome and I love her blog! <3

    1. Thanks Ashley! You are always so sweet!



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