Friday, May 4, 2012

Pambras "The Original Bra Liner" Review

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies....

I am gonna talk about something a bit personal, but I am sure I am not alone in this: bra and breast irritation, especially in the summer!

I have very large breasts myself (not bragging, just mentioning)and I suffer year round, but especially in the warmer weather from irritation from my bra and just having large breasts in general. I get what can only be described as a heat rash in between and under my breasts. It burns and itches and it drives me up a wall. I have tried it all-the creams, the talc, the baby powder and the patting my skin dry with a cloth throughout the day just to heal or avoid the rash.

I thought I was doomed. I thought this was it. I was forever stuck with this issue.

Then, I was introduced to a lifesaver, Pambra's Original Bra Liners.

These liners are the answer! I have been wearing one every day for about a week now and the rash I had before is now gone and its not coming back!

The Pambra's Original Bra Liner is washable, comfortable and easy to place. Just put the top part between the breasts and tuck the rest around the bra. Here is a useful video to demonstrate.

These bra liners come in sizes SM to 2X. I wear a 2X because of my band/bra size.

I was pleasantly surprised that the liner was not noticeable when it is on. I was worried it might irritate, but I honestly did not even remember I was wearing it. When I took my bra off at night, my skin as not irritated or moist.

Pambra's come in 3 colors; white, black and nude. They go great with under-wire bras to keep that digging in feeling at bay!

Ladies, I really recommend getting yourself some Pambra's Original Bra Liners. They will make your summer a lot more comfortable!

You can find Pambra's on their website and please "Like" them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. (@Pambras3)



  1. This looks comfy. I wonder if it would make you more sweaty in the heat though. I hate it when I get sweaty under my breasts. Sometimes I even slap some deodorant under them. lol

  2. Hmmm that is pretty neat. I wonder how small a small

  3. first off this is amazing I get sweaty all the time being a bigger lady up top oh my how I need this!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!



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