Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Natural Calm review

Since I have some anxiety issues. I was glad to be given the chance to review Natural Calm on my blog.

Natural Calm is made by Natural Vitality. It is a powdered drink mix with magnesium.

The flavor I tried was raspberry lemon aid.

To be honest, when I first mixed it up, I didn't care for the taste too much, so I walked away from it. When I came back, it had completely dissolved and it looked almost like a glass of plain water. I am glad I didn't dump it out at first, because it tasted a lot better the second time when I gave it a chance to fully dissolve.

The good thing about this as opposed to taking a pill form supplement, it will more easily absorb in your system. Take a look at this video:

I didn't really notice a difference in my mood or anything from it, as I only took it for about 3 days in a row, but it was a refreshing taste. I do think it was a tad bit bitter though.

I would say that maybe if you take this daily, you might notice more of a difference and to definitely give it a chance to dissolve as well.

A 32-page guide to the benefits of magnesium, along with magnesium deficiency symptoms, written by Dr. Dean is available as a free download at the non-profit

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