Sunday, May 6, 2012

Miche Purses Review!

I was so THRILLED to be given to opportunity to review Miche (said, MEE-chee) purses! I have long drooled over them and as a "bag hag" (did I make it clear I LOVE purses yet on my blog?!) who wouldn't want one as versatile as this?

Miche is a brand that is sold by consultants and online. They are super unique! My Personal consultant for Miche has been Stephanie Nevins. She has been a complete joy to work with! Did I mention she is also very generous?

The basic idea is you buy a 'base bag' and add accessories and 'shells' to quickly change them from look to look. How easy is that?

I was given the brown Classic bag

 the Amber Shell

 and the basic short handles as well as a long handle to review.

Here is what it looks like all put together withe the short handles:

You can really create any look you want with these purses. They have all sizes of base bags and shells from the small to the large! They are so high quality and I love my bag! The classic bag is a great size. It holds all the essentials. I put my wallet, keys, Glitzee purse light, prescriptions, diabetic meter, makeup and cards in it. It has a couple pockets in it as well for cell phones and change.

Just taking a look at Stephanie's Miche website, I see so many styles I like for the classic bag I was given. These are some of my personal favorites (although I love the Amber shell she sent me, It is PERFECT for spring and summer because of it's bright color and I even painted my toes to match the color of it!)

Jayma shell:

Kandace shell:

Riley Shell:

There are 4 sizes of base bags; Petite, Classic, Demi and Prima. You choose the bag, then the shell and any accessories.

Accessories include different handles (which by the way are a snap to apply!), wallets/coin purses and Charmers. Charmers are neat little 'purse jewelry' that sets your purse apart from the rest!

This is an example of a Charmer. This particular Charmer is named the Gumdrop.

Now you can just have any look you want without a ton of handbags taking up space in your closet! Miche even sells organizers for their shells!

You can contact Stephanie Nevins to purchase or with questions on her email or her phone number is 319.721.1741

You can also join the Miche Swap page on facebook to buy, sell and trade Miche products with others! Great way to snag a deal!

Not only was Stephanie so generous to me, she has offered my readers a chance to win a $30.00 gift certificate for her website!

Stay tuned for the "Magical Mother's Day" giveaway hop for your chance to win!



  1. I can be so picky when it comes to purses. My husband has bought me 4 I think in the last 5 years and I have only really liked one of them. He gets frustrated. Having said that, this one looks adorable and I really like the look of the Riley. Cute, cute, cute!!

    1. Riley even has silver threads intertwined in with the tan fabric so it's got a shimmer to it. Super cute!

  2. OMG! I love my Miche bag! Can't wait for a chance to enter and win! I just purchased this size purse and need new shells!

  3. I can see why you were drooling!! Love the idea and the charms are darling!

  4. The idea of having such versatility is great!

  5. I wish these had come out years and years ago! What a great idea!

    1. You can always start your Miche collection now. Then donate your current purses to a local Woman's Shelter.

  6. love the variety of shapes and colors that are now available

  7. I've wanted a classic Miche forever. I love, love, love them!! :)

  8. I love that you can change them out!

  9. Versatiity and variety = AWESOME! I love these bags and am grateful for the chance to possibly win one!! Thanks for the giveaways and ALL you do!!



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