Saturday, May 26, 2012

Car situation solved!

If you read a couple days ago, you saw that we pretty much wrecked our old car (a 1998 Buick Century) by hitting a deer on the freeway.

Well, after frantically trying to figure out a way to remedy the situation, we decided our only option was to purchase a new car. The old car was gonna cost too much to fix and without full coverage insurance on it, the cost was going to be all ours. My husband gets off work late 3 nights a week and since our headlight was completely gone and demolished, it wasn't going to be work to keep the old car. We did a couple thousand in damage.

After figuring out our finances, we came to the conclusion that getting back into car payments in our only option at this point. It's going to be tight, but we will hopefully manage.

We are proud new owners of a 2000 Buick Park avenue:

I feel way too broke to have leather interior:

I am sure it will all work out in the end. In the meantime, we are getting full coverage insurance!

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