Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Favorite Hide-away

My husband and I have found a favorite place to "get away from it all". I am lucky enough to live in Montana and the weather here is getting absolutely gorgeous!

Just a short drive away from our home is a little place next to the river. We like to hike through there and hope to one day go fishing there as well as soon as we get enough funds to get a license.

It is reminiscent of the river that is spoken about in the 1992 movie starring Brad Pitt, "A river runs through it."

That movie is about my hometown and every time I watch it, it gives me chills and takes me to a happy place.

This little hide-away we have is so peaceful. Although it is just off the freeway and you can still hear the cars go by, it feels so secluded. It has a sandy river beach and a forest of trees along with some interesting rocks washed up on shore. Across the way is a wall of rocks with moss growing on them. It must have taken centuries to grow that much.

When we need a break, we always come here. I wish I could take my readers there, but the best I can do is show you photos. I hope you enjoyed them.

My husband, enjoying a beautiful Montana day:

1 comment:

  1. my hubby would love to live in montana. you're very blessed! looks beautiful:)



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