Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Saving Money-My personal tips!

I wanted to make a post about the things I personally do to save money. Feel free to add your tips to my comments section!

*First of all, I don't buy expensive cleaners (for the most part). I make my own. Vinegar and water makes a great all purpose deodorizer/cleaner. I also buy a jug of bleach and mix my own disinfectant with just some water.

*instead of paper towels for window cleaning, I use coffee filters. MUCH cheaper and no lint/streaks!

*I re-use plastic grocery bags for everything-Packed lunches, holding wet clothes in a gym bag after going swimming, draining grease into, cleaning the catbox, small trash liners...

*I make my own "febreeze". I mix about 1/6 cup fabric softener with a tablespoon baking soda and hot water. Works better than the brand name :)

*I make rags out of everything! My husband's old work shirts, old t-shirts, old towels, old sweats. I even have made a headcover out of one of my husband's old work shirts:

*I buy whole chickens, cut them up and use the carcass to make my own stock. Just put it in a pot, add celery, carrots and onions and seasonings (in some fine cheesecloth or a teas strainer and simmer for a few hours, strain. Or put in a crock-pot and simmer all day.

*I do not buy canned soups or sauces. You can make your own spaghetti sauce and soup way cheaper and make a larger quantity for way cheaper.

*I often buy veggies in season in bulk and freeze them. Some veggies that freeze well are green beans, broccoli, peas. Don't freeze high water veggies like lettuce.

*I buy craft odds and ends at the Goodwill.

*I garden in the summer.

*Buy an air popper. It is so much cheaper (and healthier!) to make popcorn in an air popper than those microwave bags. You can gets 10-12 bowls of popcorn out of a bag of kernels. A bag is only 2-3 dollars.

*If you have a Scentsy type wax warmer, save the wax from scented candles by pouring the wax out when it is burning into ice cube trays and allowing to harden, then use them in your warmer.

Share your frugal tips!



  1. Great tips!

    I really like the idea of making my own stock. I also would have NEVER thought of using a coffee filter to clean my windows! I'll have to try that one out!

    I found you on Cafe Mom and came over to follow you! Very nice to meet you!

  2. stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!! new follower!

  3. Hi, just found your blog through cafe mom, great ideas I really like the idea of reusing my candle wax in my candle warmer. Much cheaper than buying Scentsy. A tip I just found out about is cutting your dryer sheets in half, or just adding vinegar to the rice cycle..
    Can't wait to read more from your blog :)



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